Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another notable STA slider, and green-room occupier

Ive been posting a lot of Tinch over the past few days... I cant help it, he rips. But he isnt the only one who slides and glides around here. In fact, a good friend of his, Deagan isnt half bad himself. Check out some of these photos that Cody took of him. He rides a Warrior single (shaped by my good buddy Josh Autrey) that is just unreal. If you are ever at the pier, watch for him, because if you find Deagan, its like finding Waldo, he is always getting shacked... see for yourself.

Sequence # 1

Sequence # 2

Sequence # 3

Sequence # 4

Sequence # 5

St. Auggie doin' its hollow thing
Happy Sliding...

New Camera... More content!!

Well I finally picked up my new camera today. Really stoked on it. I was able to snag a new Canon 50D. Hopefully by the time of the El Salvador trip I will have some better glass for it. But for now, the 28-135mm should do just fine for all the profiles that should be coming out soon. In fact, I'm going to be cruising over to Kevin's shop, (Black Pearl Creations) tomorrow to snap a few photos. He is shaping out a new log just for my trip, really amped on it.

So, just keep an eye out to the "Coming Soon" section, that is where Ill be focusing a lot of my attention. Take care.

Happy Sliding...

More Coleman and Tinch photos

I love this photo

Big AL Knost-esc

Neat Angle

Happy Sliding...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tincher getting Tinchy

Local photographer, Cody Coleman just sent me a few photos of Tinch from the other day getting funky on some super mushy waves here in St. Auggie. You should definitely check out his website and see some of his work. Enjoy.

Happy Sliding...

Laying into a nice drop knee.

"You must be this tall to ride this ride!"

Keith Novosel

Well Keith Novosel just shot me a quick little email letting me in on how his recent trip to Cali went. If you dont know who he is, you definitely should check him out. He is a fantasic photographer. The top right corner image in the title is actually one of his photos! (Thanks again Keith). He takes a lot of photos with the guys over at Almond and did a lot of the still photography for the just released movie, Picaresque. Of which, is a super sick movie. Mikey DeTemple and Dustin Miller definitely killed it!

Happy sliding...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Almond Surfboards

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Dave and the guys at Almond in Newport. They let me use some of their photos for my banner up top. Those photos (the top left and bottom right) are a collection of their logs that they make, the Log Rhythm and Lumberjack. They are really cool guys putting down some killer work... just look at them, they are amazing. So if you are ever in the Newport area, definitely look them up... I know I will when I hit the left coast again.

Happy Sliding...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

St. Auggie in full Trim

Well I was digging through my computer this morning, and found a few photos of some local guys here in St. Auggie getting some nice trim. These photos were sent to me from a good buddy of mine, Matt Weatherford. Enjoy.

Chris Tincher getting five over a few days ago

A good buddy of mine, Josh Autrey, in full trim this winter. (more to come on him later.. He rips on everything, and shapes some really great boards)

Happy Sliding...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Time

Well now that summer is here, it is time to travel! I love small glassy waves, but sometimes, it is just too flat here in STA. So why not take a trip? ...El Salvador here I come!

This July Im going to be flying down to Zunzal for a week or two with a close buddy of mine, and we are going to stay at El Hostel in Zunzal... $8 bucks a day, can't really beat it. You should check these guys out.

Happy Earth Day, and Happy sliding...