Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another notable STA slider, and green-room occupier

Ive been posting a lot of Tinch over the past few days... I cant help it, he rips. But he isnt the only one who slides and glides around here. In fact, a good friend of his, Deagan isnt half bad himself. Check out some of these photos that Cody took of him. He rides a Warrior single (shaped by my good buddy Josh Autrey) that is just unreal. If you are ever at the pier, watch for him, because if you find Deagan, its like finding Waldo, he is always getting shacked... see for yourself.

Sequence # 1

Sequence # 2

Sequence # 3

Sequence # 4

Sequence # 5

St. Auggie doin' its hollow thing
Happy Sliding...

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