Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Weather is just weather

Well.... here it is the dead of summer, and well.... it just doesn't seem like it. The past week has been nothing but huge washing machine surf and rain. Hopefully this system clears up and we can go back to what summer normally is, small glassy peelers. But this crazy nor-easter is just chilling right over us like it has no where to go. As it turns out, this is really only the second nor-easter of the year... crazy weather.

Anyways, have a great Memorial Day.

Happy Sliding...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bad things happen to Good people

Late last night, a good friend of mine, Kevin Mileski, owner/shaper of Black Pearl Creations, had one of his logs stolen at the Cresent Beach Ramp (about 10 miles south of St. Augustine). If anyone sees the board, please contact me, or email Kevin at

It is a 9'10" step-deck. Glassed on white fin. Peach/Lavendar color. Double stringer with a classic Black Pearl Creations Logo on it... Here is a photo. Thanks in advance guys (and gals) for helping out a good person!

Happy Sliding...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Local Photographer and Slider

The Pier in St. Auggie is like the spot to be to get your photo taken. There are some good waves to be had there at the right tide, but not really my favorite spot. I like a smaller crowd. But this aside, many people love this spot, including Rob Williams Rob is always snapping away if there are some glassy walls to slide. Check out his work, it is really amazing. Just click on his name and check it out. If you see a photo of you, shoot him an email, and support your local photographer... Here are two samples with Tinch in the eye of the beholder...
Happy Sliding...

And he was kung foo fighting...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Style

After the The Present show, I was walking out to my truck when I saw this flat black beauty. Ya its beat up, no its not rust-free... but you know what? It is still sexy!
Happy Sliding...

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Why do they call it a charlie horse?"


Well after a long, long year of waiting, The Present finally came out! Ive been wanting to see this movie so badly. Ive been bugging Chris and Mik at Surf Culture on an almost daily basis waiting to see when a copy is going to come in (and I still am after seeing it).

So, knowing they had a show up in Jacksonville Beach at Landshark Cafe, I tried to round up all my friends and make it a fun night. Tinch and his wife Shelly came along with Dustin Miller, the filmer for Mikey DeTemple's movie Picaresque, and his wife, Keith Novosel, and my good friend Matt. It was a fun time just getting to hang out and enjoy ourselves.

The show was pretty rad too; had Mattson 2 playing live to get everything going, and then just dove straight into the movie. For $8 a ticket, I wish it was in a better venue, but hey, Im not going to complain (no one listens when I do anyways). I was just stoked to be there and see something new and different. The Seedling and Sprout are getting worn out. It was a really good movie. It surprised me a little, but on the whole, amazing! Some of the biggest airs and longest gnarliest tens Ive seen in awhile. I really think T.Moe made a complete surf film that will attract not just sliders, but also the groms that idealize Dane. I cant wait to buy the movie and watch it again. As usual, it had an amazing soundtrack, and like I said earlier, just a crazy good movie.

Here are a few photos that I snapped. Sorry they arent the best in the world, Im still getting the hang of this whole photography thing! Enjoy.

The Mattson 2 jamming

Keith representing his colors!

Happy Sliding...

Opposite Ends

Everyone that surfs has their own unique style. Style is everything. From the most traditionalist to the ultra-modern progressive surfers, there is a spot for everyone. Here are two shots that Cody sent me, capturing it best...
Tinch, curling toes

Billy, doing his best Taylor Jenson impression

Happy Sliding...