Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Hull of a Story

Well Ive been talking about getting a hull a lot lately. Ever since Keith Novosel mentioned that he was getting one and explained to me how they worked, I have wanted one. So one day while I was hanging out at Surf Culture, Chris, one of the owners, said that he might have one. The very next day he comes walking over and sure enough, he brought the board.

We talked about the history of the board and how it had ended up here. Apparently, one of his friends was driving through Wisconsin and saw a surf board sticking out from under a porch. He stopped and asked to see if he could buy it from the lady and she ended up giving it to him. According to her, her son had wanted to take up surfing, but got drafted for Vietnam. When he returned home, he didnt want to anymore. After a spell with Chris' friend, Chris himself was given the board. There it sat for awhile until now. Chris handed me the board and said, "Take it under two conditions. You dont sell the board, you pass it along. Two, just enjoy it!"

Now I have a board that has been all over...and I cant wait to take it for a spin!Hooray for brown boards!

Happy Sliding...

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