Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whale Wars

I don't know if anyone else watches this show, but holy cow! Whale Wars documents the goings on of the Japanese whaling fleet in the southern hemisphere. The Steve Irwin, Captain Paul's ship, is part of the non-for-profit organization titled, The Sea Shepard's. They attempt to frustrate the Japanese and get them to stop their so called, "illegal actions." The Sea Shepards state that the law is on their side due to a Whaling Act passed in the late 80's. The Japanese say that the law is on their side, claiming they are doing it for research.

Now Im not an out-and-out green peace type person, but I do believe in respecting what lets us survive (exactly like Patagonia), and I for one love this show. I'm routing for the Sea Shepards, and so should you, WATCH THE SHOW! Its on Animal Planet every Friday at 9.

Happy Sliding...

Its a little old, but here is the season one trailer. I also believe it will be available on DVD shortly. Season two is currently showing.

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