Friday, July 17, 2009

Almond showing up on the East Coast

I drove down to Matansas this morning to meet up with my good buddies Keith Novosel and Tinch to slide the last remaining bump from the swell. What was supposed to be a regular session, soon turned into a full on marathon. We surfed for over five hours. But more on that later.

Ive wanted to surf an Almond board for a long time now. I really love what the guys are doing over there. Super rad stuff that is getting put out. But today was my first time sliding one of their logs... It is Keith's personal log. Its 9'10" and I don't really know the rest of the dimensions, but it is super knifed out, pinched rails, but still with some weight to it. It was really fun to ride. I wish I could have gotten to ride it on a bigger or steeper day because this thing really locks in and just gets into trim really nicely. Great board for sure. Now I can officially say that they work just as well as they look.

Here are a few photos of it.

Happy Sliding...

Keith waxing up the log

Nicely posing on the nose

Keith representing for es-cent-ial

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