Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cool Companies

I love to log... and I'm assuming that since you are reading this, you probably do, too. But it seems that not too many big surf companies out there support what me and all my friends love, sliding little peelers.

Anyways, here is a short list of companies that I support since they support what we all love...

1. RVCA - By far, one of my favorites. They have super rad style, really comfy tee's, and support other forms of expression like art, skating, etc. Plus it doesn't hurt that the rep in my area is a super cool guy.. Big ups to you GT. Thanks for keeping real.

2. Quiksilver - One of the big big giants out there. They don't really support longboarding that much anymore, but they still produce my favorite retro trunks. I love wearing their 16 inchers. Super cool style.

3. Ryhthm - They are a brand new company out of OZ. Super rad designs. Plus they surpport Harrison Roach (probably one of the dirtiest Alia riders out there... So epic on them) and a local stand out from Jax, Justin Quintal. Justin used to ride for Quiksilver, but has since switched over. Good on you man! They are a really cool company. I really hope that all the surf shops start picking up their stuff. You should check them out for yourself. Ryhthm

4. Patagonia - I really love Patagonia. They keep it as green as possible and they only produce the best products for both you, and they environment. Just check out their website. They have so much cool information there. They just helped produce Thomas Campbell's movie, "The Present," they have amazing riders like Belinda Bags, the Malloys, and Dane Peterson

Like I said, it is a short list. I support a lot of local companies too, but these are the big ones. Hopefully the boys at Almond and es-cent-ial get that point too. I wish only the best guys.

But support the people out there that support us! Keep on logging.

Happy Sliding...

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