Friday, July 17, 2009

Matansas session

After surfing for five hours today, Keith and I decided we wanted to trade off turns snapping some photos of each other in some freight training shore break. It was really rad, and Keith killed it. Got a sick ten, a bunch of 5's, and just overall really nice sliding... Then we traded. Keith was able to snap some epic photos for 5 minutes...and then the battery died. Ohh well. The good surfer was actually capured doing his thing! I wish Tinch was still there for the photos too, but he had to leave early. Next time Tinch... next time! Anyways, here are the photos, Enjoy!

Happy Sliding...

Keith setting up for a real good one...

Five (same wave as above)

Still, Five over


Still ten over

Curling toes, backside

Super glassy

A lot of this was happening today

I really love this turn
Keith, perching

My favorite photo... Keith is pure class

Freight Training shore break. Super fun little peelers

Carrying the Love Train

Really dig this photo

Setting it up


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