Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I look good for a 71 year old?!?!

Well El Salvador is now right around the corner, just 10 days aways. Everything is starting to come together (or fall apart, depending on how you look at it). The plans are getting finalized, the flights are getting set in stone, and the waves are expected to build with a storm off of New Zealand and another off of Tahiti. So, needless to say, I am pretty stoked right now.

But, in order to actually leave this country, one must need a passport...and well, mine had a small problem. When I opened up the package to get my new passport, I was amped. I kept thinking, this is just starting to fall right into place, no stress at all. (Big mistake.) As Im about to sign it, I notice that my birthday was not what it should be... according to my passport, I am 71 (1937). And well, for those that know me, Im not 71 years old. But if I was, I would be one sexy ageless old man. I would be a real life Benjimin Button. So, in order to get it corrected I had to send it back to the government. Hopefully it gets back to me by my trip, they said it should. If it doesnt, this funny story, will turn into a horror story.

But enough of the funny stories, the good ones are soon to follow. Beautiful waves, beautiful people, and beautiful boards are the focus. IM STOKED! Summer is here. Had a fun little logging session this morning, got a huge ding, didnt care, its fixable. Got sunburned from surfing all morning and raquet ball all afternoon (super fun game, very tiring), dont care, its fixable. Just keep the smile on the face, and keep on keeping on.

To everyone out there, enjoy yourself, get stoked, be happy, and curl toes! It is a tremendous feeling!

Happy Sliding...

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