Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Santa Monica Hardcase

After searching high and low for months for a Santa Monica Hardcase, I finally found one last week. I will need one for the trip so I can take my logs with me, and there really is no other way to travel with glassed on fins. I hear that they are a pain to travel with, but I guess we will see in a few days time.

Long story short, a friend of mine, Terry Nails, recommended a guy by the name of Juan. He told me that he might have one for sale since Santa Monica is no longer making the cases. I called Juan, and sure enough he had one for me. As he says, it really is just a "glorified re-molded trashcan." So after many weeks of making plans to link up and get the case, it finally happened last Friday. He just opened up a shop in Cocoa Beach, FL. He is also the same guy that invented the molded skim board (basically brought the sport to where it is at right now), founded Oneworld Fins, and has been shaping boards for over two decades; and that is just the surface. We decided to meet at his new store in Cocoa so I could pick it up.

Little did I know that a freak hurricane squal decided that it wanted to just pour rain all day here. Driving down to Cocoa was a pain. Then once I got there, it did the same there. It was just my luck I guess. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction... But the rain did have a nice side effect, it gave me an excuse to just chill out there, and enjoy his new shop. Here are a couple quick exposures that I snapped. Enjoy.

Happy Sliding...

This was the rain in Cocoa. I just sat inside the shop and snapped this photo of my truck

Some of Juan's fins

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