Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer To Do List

Surfing Magazine just ran an article about the 21 things you should do this summer... I laughed, thought about some of them, read some more, and then pondered... "Do I really need to do 21 things to make my summer rad?" Or cool? Or killer? Or any of the other 26 gajillion words to describe a good time? Well to answer that question, yes. But I plan on doing more than 21 things this summer. Because if I did only 21 things, my summer would be pretty boring.

So for my list of summer-to-dos, Ive come up with the following. Some are taken from the magazine (because they are sweet) and others are just my opinions. But regardless, I am going to try and complete them all. Summer is right around the corner, four days away. Come up with your own list, do it, feel good about it, and maybe make it your own Endless Summer.

In no particular order:

1. Keep a journal (Kind of taken from the Mag) - Ya I know, it sounds stupid, and like a lot of work. But it will be worth it to jot down some of the fun things you do to remember to do them next summer. And if all else fails, start a blog with the ideas you put down. At worst, no one will read it except for the unfortunate person that mis-spelled a google search.

2. Shapers Day (Taken from the Mag) - Im not saying stop buying your Al Merricks, and Bings, and Andersons... Im just saying next time you get a board, get it local. Support the guy that watches you surf all the time. The guy that is always ripping at your local break. Tell him to curl toes. Shapers are artists. Let them know that you appreciate them. Dont try to pinch pennies with them. Hang out, have a pint, jam out, do what ever. Just like every other important person in your life, there is a holiday for them (Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc). Well how about we make International Surf Day (6-20-xx) also International Shapers Day too! A big thank you to all shapers, you guys fuel my stoke!

3. Surf a heat - I know, we all dream of being a pro-surfer. Getting pitted at Pipe, laying into some major hacks at J-Bay... but the truth is, it is super difficult. Surf one session like you are in a heat. 15 minutes, 10 wave max. Hard huh? Have a little more respect for the pros out there. They get it done!

4. Surf... period... anywhere, anyhow... just surf - Thats what we all like to do, get wet. It doesnt matter what you ride, or how you ride it, or where you ride it... just surf. Spend more time in the water than sitting on dry land talking about it.

5. Travel - Well this is subjective. Some of us might not get to travel due to many reasons. If this is the case, just surf a break you havent surfed around you. If its crummy, just be happy you didnt spend a grand to get skunked. You can turn around and be home in an hour to cut the grass you were supposed to do anyways. If you can travel, enjoy it. Soak up everything you can, and leave it nicer than when you arrived!

6. Sleep on the beach (Taken from the Mag) - Pretty much in the title, do it. It is fantastic

7. Go unplugged - Once upon a time, there were no cell phones or computers. For one day, dont use them. See how much more relaxed you are... it is fantastic

8. Try something new - It doesnt matter what it is. Dont be closed minded, try it... who knows, it might be the best thing in the world.

9. Wear sunscreen - We all hate it, but the sun hates our skin. Protect it. Protect yourself. Be smart. No one wants to look like a piece of leather.

10. Start a garden - Organic food is amazing. It is easy to start a garden too. Grow your own food, cook fresh. You will be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards.

11. Take a walk - Walk around. Park the car, get some excerise. Enjoy your surroundings. You live where you live for a reason... make the best of it. We quickly forget the beauty that is always around us.

12. Call someone and tell them you love them - It doesnt matter who they are, just do it. Make someones day! Who knows who will call you and tell you the same.

13. Repair an old board - Strip it down, make those ding repairs, and take her for a spin. Kick the dust, enjoy old faithful.

14. Enjoy those nights on the town - Its summer, it is amazing outside. Hit up those bars and pubs that sit on the beach. Have a pint! Talk to people, get out and have some fun. Make it a summer that you wont forget.

15. Take a photo - Take a photo of something that interests you, or something that is cool. Photography is addicting though, so be careful...

16. Loose the ego - We all have egos, lets try to tame them. Check yourself, and just put on a smile. We are all equal, so treat people like it. Just put on a smile, and chill. Its summer time, the living is supposed to be easy!

17. Have a goof off sess - Next time the waves are flat, go goof off. Take the fins out, or ride it backwards, or tandem surf. Do whatever... just dont surf properly for the entire session. HAVE FUN! You will be surpised at how much you laugh.

18. Pack your wetsuit in the very back of your closet - Its not the winter, you dont need a suit. Baggies only! There actually used to be a time when we didnt have wetsuits. Get a tan, forget the winter, and enjoy the summer.

19. Stop wishing for amazing waves - Ok, it sounds weird, but come on... We always wish for amazing waves, and when they dont come, we get depressed. So just stop it. It cant always be like Malibu, or Pipe, or Turtles, or The Pass, or Noosa... Stop dreaming. Enjoy the waves you have, and make the best of them. Just be happy you dont live in Kansas... They have no ocean!

20. RIDE A SINGLEFIN - It will change your life. Just like the Coldplay album. And if it doesnt? Well lm fresh out of ideas... try something else.

So those are my 20 things. Sure, they are random, but so are lot of things we do. Just have fun. "Be good, or be good at it" is what my old swim coach would tell me. So do the same, enjoy your surfing, enjoy your family. Get stoked, its summer time!

And for the 21.

DO MORE than whats on your list... Get outside, paddle around, tell everyone hey, run around naked, wear bell-bottems... it doesnt matter... Just have fun and enjoy your summer. Before long, we will all be wishing it was still summer when the leaves start falling.

Happy Sliding...

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